Founded in November 2014 by Patrick Mouratoglou, the Champ’ Seed foundation is a public interest foundation under the aegis of the ‘Fondation du Luxembourg’.

A commitment has been made to help young tennis talents who do not have the financial resources to reach the highest international level. The foundation will enable these young talents to acquire the skills and  guidance to unlock their full potential.



The costs of assisting a tennis player to become a professional of the highest level are extremely high. Ever year, throughout the world, dozens of youngsters are forced to abandon their dream and sporting project due to a lack of funds.

All players must finance coach, physical trainer and medical expenses, they must also incur travel expenses (hotels, train or plane tickets, restaurants), to participate in international competitions. These fees are often doubled as these young people cannot travel on their own.

Champ’Seed aims to select the most promising young players in order to support them in fulfilling their potential in the sport they have chosen to practice professionally.



Champ’Seed provides many benefits to selected players, such as the provision of a full-time tennis coach or in the form of weeks of training, physical-training camps, on-going support and mentoring during tournaments, nutritional advice, medical monitoring, and in certain cases, a direct financial assistance to fund tournament travel expenses.

To do so, Champ’Seed works with the best professionals to assist these future champions in their pathway to glory. 



Education is of critical importance to any young person, whether they are a gifted tennis player or not. Champ’seed is keen to ensure that all players continue to work hard on their general education. Champ’seed’s commitment is specifically restricted to promoting for the public benefit the education of young people in financial need in the sport of tennis in such ways as the Board think fit, including by:

- Awarding to such persons scholarships or means tested bursaries to pay for coaching, physical training, medical expenses and the use of facilities and equipment to enable the provision of such education

- Awarding grants to undertake travel in furtherance of such education

- Assisting and preparing such persons for entry to any tennis related occupation, trade or profession

The importance of a continuing general education is recognised by scheduling time for either private or school based tuition. Champ’seed also has a relationship with the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (MTA), where its students can attend both a high level athletic training and an outstanding academic education. The MTA program enables to harmoniously combine intensive training, tournaments and school curriculum. The goal is to enable the students to build a long term project around sports and education, leading to a professional tennis career or to the enrollment into the American University sports program. Champ’seed Foundation would equally support any young people in financial need, whether they enroll into the MTA or follow other school systems. 



The Foundation is funded by individual or corporate donors that support one or more young aspiring players in achieving their career goal.