Cori Gauff-, the revelation of Champs’eed.

 “I am super excited to be playing the Junior US Open, so definitely one of my goals accomplished!” These were Cori’s aka “Coco” Gauffs´ words at the beginning of the US Open 2017. At that point she probably couldn’t imagine being in the final and playing in New York City for her very first participation in a Grand slam junior tournament.

By reaching the final at the age of only 13 years and 5 months, Coco Gauff is the youngest girl to reach the US Open junior final since the event began in 1974. Cori definitely left a mark in the “Next Gen” Tennis world !


 The positive, young and energetic girl, whos´ role model is superstar Serena Williams, has confirmed that she belongs to the top of the top in junior tennis. 


Coco was selected at the age of 11 by Patrick Mouratoglou and his team in order to integrate the Champ’seed foundation that he created in 2014. 
The foundation helps young tennis talents who do not have the financial resources to reach the highest international level. Champ’seed provides many benefits to Coco such as the provision of weeks of training at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, physical- training camps, on-going support and mentoring during tournaments like the US Open.

Since 2 years, Coco has showed a lot of ambition and has  worked very hard. Her goal is more than clear: to be the greatest of all time! 

The least we can say is this little 13 year-old-girl has grit and determination. She already made a huge step in her pathway to glory ...